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The Ottawa West-Nepean Federal Liberal Association (OWNFLA) is the official Riding Association of the Liberal Party of Canada in Ottawa West-Nepean.

The OWNFLA has been engaging the Ottawa West-Nepean community in policy and issue discussion.  We have active monthly discussions engaging members of the public with our Politics in the Pub events about a variety of policy reform and issues that face our community.

OWNFLA have an elected executive that coordinates activities for local party members at regular intervals. We hold an Annual General Meeting to elect our executive members. It is the OWNFLA association which looks after the affairs of the Liberal Party at the local level both between and during election periods.

OWNFLA documents, including minutes, English and French versions of their Constitutions, and policy, will be made available on the website as it continues to grow.

The OWNFLA is currently looking for community event ideas and ways to increase our membership and would love your help. We are looking forward to helping out with Ottawa West-Nepean community events and activities in any way we can.

Lee Farnworth, President